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                     After six years of research, author Ernie Weiss writes about his                                                extended family’s incredible story of survival through the 
                                            tumultuous years of Nazi terror.                                                                                                   
      Out of Vienna, Eight Years of Flight from the Nazis follows the Weiss family’s long flight from Adolph Hitler's iron fist and cruelty. Engrossing from beginning to end, its dialogue and vivid descriptions of places and events are based on personal interviews, diaries, research, and the author’s own recollections.

This memoir tells individual stories of twenty-eight members of a large, close-knit family from Vienna and Prague. Learn how, through sheer determination, many of them survived the Holocaust. Read about how resourceful they were as they attempted to escape the horrors of the Holocaust. Ten of them did not survive: nine were murdered by Nazis; one committed suicide.
Lots of books have been written by survivors of concentration camps during the Nazi rule, but this memoir is unique.
    “This riveting account of escape from Nazi hell is a monument to courage and determination. It is a must read for all who believe that never again should such injustice be permitted in this world."
                       Alan M. Dershowitz, author, and professor at Harvard Law School. 

    “I am engrossed in the characters and the story. I like how you organized it by place and date. I couldn’t put it down until Lisl reached Israel. I thought for sure that the boat was going to be taken over by Nazis. The story is a page turner. I do think this is a story that has to be shared."
                        Clemens Schoenebeck, poet, Swampscott, Mass.

    “We are getting quite a few stories from people who survived the concentration camps, but I have not seen as many stories from people who fled in other ways. The resourcefulness of your family amazed me - their unmitigated audacity. It was the audacity to act and act boldly that allowed them to survive.”                                                             Ellen Bonnifield, school teacher, Yampa, Colorado

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